INU & SARU - Kuro no Kenshi Kengo (youth edition) & Shishimaru

Character Brief:

“What I can do is to trust that my belief is a righteous one, and fight for it. We live in a despicable world where the strong culls the weak without a pang of sympathy. I shall end such world with my sword, and with my life if needed be.”
 - Kengo/ Kuro No Kenshi (as a youth) from the Shin Clan of the Inu Tribe

 - 剣吾/犬族シン家出身 黒の剣士(青年期)

Kengo is a descendant of the Shin Warrior Clan from the Inu Tribe. He is one of the most complicated characters from the Inu & Saru storyline. 

Kengo’s father is friends with Kensei from the Saru Tribe. When the war broke out, Kensei promised his pal to protect his loved ones. However, tragedy struck one step ahead, and the only life Kensei could saved was the son of his deceased friend. 

To protect the child, Kensei hid the orphan’s identity. He named the boy “Kengo” ("Kengo" means a sword with will or a sword of insight.) and treated him as an apprentice. He eventually lectured Kengo all his sword moves. 

Nevertheless, when Kengo grew up, he accidentally discovered his true identity that he is actually a descendant of the Inu Tribe. (He found his broken Inu mask inherited from his deceased fatherUpon the discovery, he readily decided to join the Inu Tribe’s rebels to free his people. Because he wore a dark outfit, he came to be known as “Kuro No Kenshi.” 

*Kengo is the only character who owns both the Inu & Saru masks
*Kengo’s facial scar was given by his master Kensei

The Eight Extended Clans - The eight warriors of the legendary Inu Tribe. Shin Clan belongs to one of them.
Kensei - Blademaster, the best swordsman of the Saru Tribe.

剣吾(ケンゴ)は、犬族の氏族である、シン家の生き残りです。彼は、INU & SARUのストーリーの中で最も複雑で重要なキャラクターの一人です。





八大氏族 - 犬族の伝説の戦士八名。 シン家はそのうちの一名に属します。
剣聖(ケンセイ) - ブレードマスター、猿部族の最高の剣士。

 - Shishimaru

Like Kengo, Shishimaru was also adopted by Kensei during the war, and it was trained with Kengo together.  It has learned the “Shikoken Justsu” which can strike a powerful attack on its enemy. When Kengo decided to join the rebels, Shishimaru followed his footsteps.

*Shishimaru carried the Mystical Artifact Bone Sword Onikiri inherited from the Inu Tribe.

Mystical Bone Sword Onikiri- Owned by the previous Dai-Shogun who ruled the Inu and Saru tribes, Bone Sword Onikiri was made out of the previous Oni Tribe leader’s bone after Dai-Shogun has defeated him.

 - 獅子丸(シシマル)

剣吾と同様に、獅子丸も戦のとき剣聖(ケンセイ)に連れて来られ、剣吾と一緒に訓練を受けました。獅子丸は敵に強力な攻撃を仕掛けることができる「獅咬拳(シコウケン)術」を習得しています。 剣吾が反乱軍に加わることを決心したとき、獅子丸も彼の後を追う事を決めました。


神秘ボーンソード鬼斬り- 犬族と猿族を統治していた前大将軍が所有していました。ボーンソード鬼斬りは前大将軍が鬼族の前リーダーを葬った際に彼の骨で作った刀です。

12" Kuro no Kenshi Kengo (youth edition) & Shishimaru
12 "黒の剣士 剣吾(青年期版)& 獅子丸

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