BOOM! NO.3- Smith Baker

12" BOOM!#3 - SMITH BAKER セール情報
195USD - プロモーション用のオンラインストア限定価格 (First Batch) sold out
220USD - (2nd Batchセールでの価格 4/4 24:00〜)
• PST 2015年3月20日8:00AM(日本時間:2015年3月21日0:00AM 販売開始)
• 公式オンラインストアAX2 WAREHOUSEにて受注販売(数量限定)
• 決済方法:PayPal
• 発送予定時期:2015年第4四半期(発送時期は変更する可能性があります。)
• 世界限定400体
• 送料込み

The 1/6 Smith baker Collectible Figurine specially features:
Height: 32 cm tall
Weight: 1 kg including package
• A headsculpt of Smith Baker
• A fedora hat
• A sheriff outfit
• A cigarette
• Five (5) interchangeable Palm
  - three (3) robotic palms
  - two (2) glove palms
• Weapon pack:
  - a machine gun/ can be attached to smith's mechanical arm.
  - a weaponry suitcase
• A pocket-size comic book
*Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different*


Smith Baker, a county sheriff from Philadelphia who has been through a major accident, was saved by a cyborg surgery. He was very fortunate to survive because of the technology, but that also became the nightmare of his life. Through a rescue operation requested by his best friend, he will eventually find a door to salvation for himself.



Pre-Order opens: 03/20/2015, 8AM Pacific Standard Time

The first batch pre-order of Smith Baker gets our promotional deal: $195
(limited to 400 pieces worldwide, original retail price: $220 U.S)

 Product will be available at: http://ax2warehouse.bigcartel.com/